Apple severely lacks the power management chip for the iPhone 12

According to Bloomberg, Apple is short of supply of power management chips on iPhones and other devices, affecting its ability to meet year-end shopping needs.

A man wearing a mask waiting to buy an iPhone 12 5G in Shanghai, China on October 23. Photo: Reuters

It is not clear whether the situation will affect the ability to supply iPhones in the last quarter of this year. However, a Bloomberg source said that partners tend to favor Apple and iPhone 12 components over other customers.

According to the source, the main cause of the shortage was due to the increased demand for silicon for a wide variety of products and a supply chain disruption caused by Covid-19. The unknown when the epidemic will end has caused customers to buy components in the face of fear of exhaustion, especially after Huawei gathered a large number of chips before September because of US sanctions.

Energy management in iPhone 12 is more important than its predecessors due to new camera and 5G features, increasing demand for these Apple components. Analysts predict iPhone 12 will create “fever”, while CEO Tim Cook recently warned about the limited supply on the iPhone 12, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.

The supply problem is not surprising because Apple has only just begun to ramp up production. It is difficult to judge when this challenge will be resolved.

According to iFixit, Apple has many partners to supply energy management chips. iPhone 12 Pro uses components from Texas Instrument to power the camera system, chips from STMicroelectronics NV and Qualcomm for 5G modems. Besides, there is also an energy management component designed by Apple. In 2018, the “defective apple” bought technology and other assets from the semiconductor firm Dialog Semiconductor for $ 600 million to develop its own energy management chip.

In the US, an examination of the Apple website shows that the iPhone 12 Pro order will not be delivered to customers before the end of November or early December, and the iPhone 12 is not delayed. Many iPad models also show delivery times from mid to late November, while some Apple Watch models have to delay to late November.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)

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