Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon lose millions of digital music users

Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon are seeing a significant drop in users in the UK as UK households are starting to prioritize spending on necessities.

Over a million UK subscribers canceled their music streaming service in Q1/2022, according to a new report from Kantar Research. The report also shows a significant decrease in the number of young users. Many people cite the need to save money as a factor in canceling their subscription to entertainment services.

Inflation rose to 9% in the UK, followed by a rise in the cost of living, the increasing rate of unsubscribes from music services is evidence that British households are starting to prioritize spending on more essential needs.

Also according to Kantar’s report, in the same period in 2021, 33% of people unsubscribe with the reason that they need to save money. In the UK, registrations are falling fastest among young consumers. The percentage of people under the age of 35 with music subscription access fell from 57% to 53.5% year-on-year.

In addition to saving money, Kantar’s research has found that younger subscribers are canceling subscriptions because of limited music choices, limited app platforms, and too many ads.

The study included all the streaming services available in the UK but specified Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, the country’s top music streaming platforms. The report shows that across all services, the number of new subscribers to music platforms in Q1 2022 fell to less than 1% of the UK population.

Thai Hoang (according to Digital Music News)


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