Apple, Google removed the game with illegal “cow’s tongue line”

At a request from Vietnam, the game “A panda baby’s tour around the world” with the illegal “cow’s tongue line” has been removed from the app store of the two Android and iOS operating systems.

Over the past time, domestic public opinion has been very frustrated with the information of a children’s game app called “Baby panda’s tour around the world”, the illegal image of “cow’s tongue line” appears.

According to the Foreign Information Department (Ministry of Information and Communications), this behavior violated Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty, causing public frustration and affecting the fight and protection of sea and island sovereignty. Not only that, but the games with the cow’s tongue line are also dangerous in that they are very easy to create misconceptions about the issue of national sovereignty among children.

Immediately after receiving the information, the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (Department of Information and Communications – Ministry of Information and Communications) stepped in and asked Google and Apple to remove this game.

Application store “The Baby Panda’s World” of Phu Chau Zhi Yong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (China), where the game “Baby panda’s tour around the world” is distributed with pictures of roads illegal cow’s tongue. Photo: Trong Dat

According to the Department of Information and Communications, “Baby Panda’s World Travel” is one of the games on the app store “Baby Panda’s World”. These are G2, G3, G4 games that are not allowed to be provided by Phu Chau Zhi Yong Information Technology Company Limited (China) to Vietnam via cross-border platforms.

On November 16, 2020, at the request of the Government of Vietnam, this game was removed from the application store of the two operating systems Android and iOS.

The Department of Information and Communications is continuing to review and statistic the games that violate cross-border supply into Vietnam and request Google and Apple to block and remove from the Vietnamese market.

Trong Dat


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