Apple blocks Russian users from viewing product launch events

Apple has disabled Russian users from following its new product launch event on its official website and YouTube.

The spring event “Peek Performance” will take place at 10:00 am on March 8 in the US (1am on March 9 Vietnam time) in the form of a live stream.

This is the launch event of Apple’s first impressive products in 2022 including: iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, new MacBook Pro… which received the attention and attention of a large audience worldwide. world.

However, Apple blocked Russian users from following the event on YouTube and its official website.

This move by Apple comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine and entering its thirteenth day. Meanwhile, Russia and Ukraine have held three rounds of peace talks so far, but none of them have achieved the desired results.

In early March, Apple announced that it would stop all sales of its products in Russia. According to a statement by the iPhone maker, the company also decided to stop all shipments to Russia and restrict the Apple Pay payment service to Russian citizens. Apple has restricted traffic and live incidents on Apple Maps in Ukraine as a precaution and safety for its citizens.

In February, many social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google banned the commercialization of Russian-language content on their platforms. In addition, YouTube also disabled the streaming feature of Russian media – RT News.

Huong Dung(According to Republic World)

Blocked from the global Internet, Russia falls into digital isolation

Blocked from the global Internet, Russia falls into digital isolation

Russia officially fell into the Internet crisis when it was restricted by technology corporations around the world with digital barriers.


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