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Sometimes, my stomach hurts, I have hard cramps, I am very worried because the whole family has been running for treatment. It took 5 years to have a baby.

I’m 13 weeks, 2 days pregnant with twins by IVF and have been taking prescription medication since the embryo transfer. I had bleeding at 6 weeks and was hospitalized at 8 weeks for treatment and was stable, so far no bleeding. My uterine lining is thin, has been treated with platelet-rich plasma pump but pregnant with twins, is the lining thinner and prone to miscarriage or premature birth? (Khanh Nguyen)

Reply: When you have reached the 14th week of pregnancy, measuring whether the mucosa is thin or not, is no longer meaningful because it is enough for the fetus to cling. Usually, after 12 weeks, the fetus has developed stably. However, because of the twin pregnancy, the larger the pregnancy, the greater the risk of preterm birth or miscarriage. Within 14-16 weeks, during antenatal check-ups, doctors usually monitor the cervix and when it is necessary to intervene, we will have appropriate indications to prevent the baby from being born. premature birth or miscarriage.

Currently, I am more than 13 weeks pregnant, but I often have contractions, I need to see a doctor to know the cause and diagnose correctly whether there are contractions or not; how is the cervix; If the cervix is ​​short, there is a risk of miscarriage, the doctor will appoint the hospital, have to sew the cervical collar; If it’s okay, you can only use drugs to reduce contractions, keep pregnancy … Depending on the specific examination case, the doctor will give advice and appropriate treatment.

Assoc. Dr. BS. Luu Thi Hong
Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi


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