Antonio de la Torre, the “Spanish Depardieu”

PORTRAIT – Featured atA secret life, the actor, essential for ten years in his native country, has appeared in more than 80 films.

Antonio de la Torre, in “A Secret Life”.
Antonio de la Torre, in “A Secret Life”. Epicenter Films

He is by turns talkative, earthy, disarming and above all full of charm. Passing through Paris to defend Spanish film A secret life, the actor Antonio de la Torre receives with a mixture of candor and enthusiasm which brings him closer to a kind of Iberian Al Pacino mixed with Dustin Hoffman. At 52 years old, this sturdy actor, vibrating with energy, does not resemble the various characters he has played in his films (more than 80 to date for almost thirty years).

14 Goya nominations

However, the one who toured twice with Almodovar (Volver and Passenger Lovers) knows, with a simple expression or intonation, even a small gesture, to become a fraternal ex-con (Azul, 2007, which earned him a Goya), a madly in love circus clown (Sad balada, 2011), a prestigious tailor with a terrifying secret (Cannibal loves, 2014), a taciturn avenger (Anger of a patient man, 2017), a political prisoner (Companeros, 2019) or a corrupt politician at bay (El Reino , 2019). Actor

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