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Antiseptic throat spray and malaria drug hydroxychloroquine effective in preventing corona infection, claims in Singapore

Researchers in Singapore have claimed that antiseptic throat spray and pills used to treat malaria-arthritis may be effective in preventing corona infection. According to a News Asia report, researchers in Singapore conducted clinical trials on more than 3000 migrant workers.

Trial run for more than 3000 people for 6 weeks

In this trial conducted for 6 weeks, the workers were given povidone-iodine throat spray. Apart from this, he was given oral hydroxychloroquine as per the advice of the doctor. Researchers found both of them effective in reducing the corona virus infection.

Results of research included in medical journal

The head of this research and Associate Professor of National University Hospital, Raymond was giving a presentation regarding his research in the National University Health System. He was accompanied by co-investigators Professor Paul Tambah, Associate Professor Mikel Hartmann, Associate Professor Alex Cook and Assistant Professor Amy Quek. The results of this research have been published in the medical journal International Journal of Infectious Diseases. In this related trial, 3,037 people were included with their permission.

Both medicines are readily available

This is the first study in which hydroxychloroquine or povidone-iodine throat spray was found beneficial in fighting infection among people living in quarantine. According to Dr. Raymond Seat, these two medicines were chosen because they are easily found. Both these medicines protect the throat from infection, which is the way for the virus to enter the body. The participants who showed symptoms of diseases like fever, cough, shortness of breath before the trial were not included. Also, people who already had corona infection were not included in the trial.

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