Anti-money laundering: “Neobanks are systematically involved”

Flaws in the vigilance of a French bank were pointed out in the case of ill-gotten goods. Is the supervision of financial institutions in the fight against money laundering at the level?

In general, the banking supervision system in France is very effective today. A gray area, however, poses a problem at the international level, it is that of neobanks, at the borders of the circuits of traditional banks and cryptocurrencies. Systematically, in all the files that we deal with, at least one neobank appears. Even if they are subject to the same anti-money laundering controls as banks, they know their customers less because of the lack of physical branch networks. Especially when they are not located in France and the regulations imposed on them are less strict. It is easy for delinquents to open accounts in these new banks abroad from France, even easier than in a foreign bank in France.

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