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Anti-India Pakistani propaganda tool-kit exposed, know the whole matter

India News: Pakistan leaves no chance to spew venom against India. Constantly looks for new opportunities and ways for this work. In such a situation, Kashmir is such an issue, for which Pakistan and its rulers are unable to give up its fascination, despite being face-to-face in battles, facing humiliation in many forums of the world. Rather, they keep trying to throw strength every time. In this episode, Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 for the past several years and on the pretext of it, campaigns fiercely against India.

Today ‘ABP News’ A special report exposing this propaganda event will tell. Will tell you how the Pakistani army, its foreign ministry is doing anti-India poison business with the help of its network of embassies, Pakistani people and their organizations spread across the world. Before telling the matter further, it is also important for you to know that when, why and how did this Kashmir Solidarity Day start? The whole of Pakistan keeps a holiday on this day, but how much does this matter of Kashmir matter to a common Pakistani?

Actually, Kashmir Solidarity Day started in 1990, that is, to incite the fire of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. right after. At its root was the ongoing political tussle between the then opposition leader Nawaz Sharif and the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. This idea was put forward by the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Party, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Nawaz Sharif supported it and gave it strength.

Later the Pakistan Peoples Party declared Kashmir Solidarity on 5 February. Announced to celebrate the day. Since then, Pakistan is throwing common Kashmiris in the heat of cross-border terrorism on one hand and on the other hand, on the pretext of their pain, anti-India is playing a game of anger.

So this time also, with the help of Kashmir Solidarity Day, a complete blueprint of anti-India propaganda was prepared. Even before Pakistan PM Imran Khan left for China on 3 February, his message for 5 February was prepared. Not only this, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry had already delivered a tool-kit prepared with the help of Pakistan Army to all its embassies for anti-India propaganda.

According to intelligence sources, under the supervision of ISPR, the propaganda wing of the Pak Army, where anti-India propaganda material was prepared. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan activated by sending the message ‘Most Immigrant’ to all its embassies. He was told that the series of events for Kashmir Solidarity Day is being started from 1st February.

Also it was told that due to the policies and holidays of the host government, it may not be possible to organize simultaneously in all the embassies. Yes, so activeness should be maintained on platforms like social media i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Looking at a similar message sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan on February 3, it is seen that a complete tool-kit of propaganda was also sent along with the letter. Not only this, a report has also been called for this promotion.

According to sources, in this tool-kit of the Government of Pakistan, a lot of emphasis has been given to organizations like UN Human Rights Council and organizations like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch to tag them in every social media message. Using this toolkit, social media posts from diplomatic handles of Pakistan can be seen. Not only this, preparations have also been made for many events at the domestic level in Pakistan. He has arrived to attend the Olympic opening ceremony. But the series of events related to Kashmir will continue even after his return. After returning from China visit with PM Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will inaugurate an exhibition on Kashmir issue in Pakistan Foreign Ministry on February 10 in which diplomats of other countries have also been invited.

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Programming of events not only at the government level, but also with overseas diaspora organizations and foreign guests considered to be advocates is also part of this campaign. In this episode, especially in America, Canada, European Union and Australia, New Zealand, more emphasis is being given on anti-India propaganda. Under this, there is a strong emphasis on events like protests, seminars, poster competitions and cycle rally somewhere. Wing is staffed. Under the Digital Pakistan program, youth are properly trained for this type of digital propaganda material.

Data obtained from digital analysis shows that between January 27 and February 4, around 800 Twitter handles were created for Kashmir Solidarity Day. At the same time, with the help of these Twitter handles, hashtags like ‘I am Kashmir’, ‘Kashmir Lives Matter’ and ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ are being run with the help of these Twitter handles. According to intelligence sources monitoring such social media activities, the maximum activity of such messages on Twitter occurs during the night.

Although it is true that despite all these efforts, Kashmir Solidarity Day Doesn’t seem like more than an annual ceremony. Internationally, these efforts of Pakistan are not getting any special attention in the big western countries nor any support in Islamic countries.

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