Anthony Delon scattered his mother’s ashes in Jamaica

Respecting the last wishes of Nathalie Delon, who died on January 21, 2021, Alain Delon’s son made the “last trip” to the Caribbean island where she wanted to rest for “eternity”.

At the beginning of the year, on January 21, Nathalie Delon disappeared. Today, some seven months later, her son Anthony Delon, scrupulously respecting his last wishes, dispersed his ashes in Jamaica, the Caribbean island where she loved to live.

On his Instagram account, where he had already published his parents’ last meeting a few weeks before his death, the Samurai’s son described the reasons for this highly symbolic gesture, addressing his mother directly beyond the grave: “Your last trip, Jamaica for all eternity.

Anthony and Nathalie Delon, a fusional relationship

The sudden disappearance of Nathalie Delon, struck down by cancer, has terribly affected Anthony Delon. Since his death, the actor, now 56 years old, has continued to pay tribute to him on social networks and in the press. In an interview with our colleagues, he described the fusional nature of their attachment: “She had just been told that she was going to die and, she told me afterwards, her first thought was: “Shit ! Anthony is there, he heard it all ”. She was protecting me once again, like a kid on whose eyes her mother puts a hand, to prevent her from seeing the blood.

Anthony Delon has always been very proud of his mother, whom his friends liked to call “Skill, The talented woman in the language of Shakespeare. On TV5 in a report devoted to his father, he returned once again to the strength of character of Nathalie Delon: “She always lived as a free woman, she always did what she wanted. She decided to die too when she wanted, as she wanted.

For this beloved mother’s last trip, Anthony Delon was accompanied by his daughters Lou and Liv. United, they joined a Jamaican at heart musician Chris Blackwell, the last companion of the unforgettable Jane Lagrange of the Samurai by Jean Pierre Melville.


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