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Another enemy of Corona may come on the market soon, near Modarna’s vaccine approval

The US Food and Drug Administration has given positive signs ahead of a meeting with experts over emergency approval regarding the Corona vaccine prepared by American pharmaceutical company Moderna. Regarding the vaccine, the FDA said that no specific safety concerns have been revealed regarding the approval of emergency use. In addition, 94.1 per cent of the total impact has been observed.

The Moderna company first began human trials of its vaccine in March and reported the initial results of the final phase in early November. It said that his vaccine is 95 percent effective in protecting against Kovid-19.

It was also told that none of the people on whom the vaccine was tested showed symptoms of the disease. After the final results, the company has also submitted applications and data in the US and Europe for approval of the emergency use of the vaccine. Moderna’s vaccine uses mRNA technology like Pfizer and the German company BioNotech. For this, help was obtained from the genetic code of the virus.

Here, US drugmaker Pfizer has recently demanded emergency use of its coronavirus vaccine in India. This vaccine is being made by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNotech. Its Phase-3 trial has been done in various cities of Europe and North America. This vaccine is 90 percent successful on the corona virus

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