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Another bad news for Trump, followers are constantly falling on Twitter

Washington: Donald Trump has not only lost the presidential election, he is also lagging behind on social media. After losing the election, their followers on Twitter are steadily decreasing.

According to the website Factbase, Donald Trump has lost more than 1 lakh followers in recent times. Trump will also not like to know that he is going to become the next President of America, who has increased one lakh followers of Biden. Let me tell you that the website monitors Factbase Trump’s public comments and speeches etc.

Donald Trump has been losing thousands of followers every day since November 18. CNN reporter Brian Stelter wrote in one of his tweets that Twitter followers are definitely not the most important metric in the world but still they are important. This is the first time since 2015 that Trump is losing his followers.

FactBase data shows that there has been a continuous decrease in the number of trump followers in the last 12 days (18 November – 30 November). Trump currently has 88.8 million followers on Twitter. Since the election defeat, Trump has been continuously tweeting rigging in the election.

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