Another 93 people in Dong Nai, 38 Dong Thap suspected of Covid-19

Dong Nai Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the morning of July 12 recorded 93 positive cases of nCoV related to wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Thap also added 38 workers of a company.

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected infections.

According to the Dong Nai CDC, 93 cases were positive for nCoV, bringing the total number of cases from the 4th outbreak in the province to 376 cases. In which, Bien Hoa and Nhon Trach are the two localities with the fastest increase in the number of infections, with 127 and more than 60 cases; Thong Nhat district 104 cases.

Police blockade blockade of Ho Nai ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai to control the epidemic. Image: Phuoc Tuan.

Dong Nai Department of Health said that many sporadic positive cases were recorded in a number of enterprises with large labor force such as Changshin Vietnam Company (Vinh Cuu District), Pouchen VN Company (Bien Hoa City), Namyang Company (Bien Hoa City). Song May Industrial Park, Trang Bom District) and other companies in Nhon Trach District. These cases have not identified the source of infection.

According to the Department of Health, the epidemic has had community transmission with the main source of infection being people returning from Ho Chi Minh City, markets and new positive cases in the F1, F2, F3 generation in Dong Nai. The infection rate is fast and tends to spread to districts and cities throughout the province.

Currently, Dong Nai has 4 Covid-19 treatment facilities, which are 60-bed Dong Nai Lung Hospital, 70-bed Dermatology Hospital, 150-bed No.1 Field Hospital, 380-bed No. 2 Field Hospital. BILLION

Among the Covid-19 patients being treated in the area, there are 4 severe cases. Some patients re-positive after negative results.

Facing complicated developments of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health instructed Dong Nai to set up 100 emergency beds for treatment of serious patients at Dong Nai General Hospital and Thong Nhat General Hospital. Doctors and nurses from Bach Mai Hospital entered the hospital to provide professional support to Dong Nai hospital.

From 9/7, Dong Nai social distancing according to Directive 16, closing the province’s big markets. In Bien Hoa, blockade 5 wards Tan Hoa, Tan Bien, Ho Nai, Hoa An, Tan Hanh and Phuoc Tan ward with more than 250,000 people.

CDC Dong Thap identified 38 new positive cases, all employees of Phat Tien Seafood Company Limited. This company has about 700 workers, headquartered in My Hiep commune, Cao Lanh district. According to the Department of Health of Dong Thap province, most workers stay near the company, they receive treatment at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Dong Thap province.

Dong Thap currently has about 3,000 businesses and 72,000 workers. Previously, the province also detected 34 cases of Covid-19 at Garment Factory 6 (Sa Dec City), where 1,200 workers work.

Functional forces control the number of people circulating in Sa Dec market when the province implements a series of social distancing measures.  Photo: Ngoc Tai.

The functional forces control the number of people circulating in Sa Dec market, Dong Thap, when the province implements social distancing. Image: Ngoc Tai.

During a working session with Dong Thap on July 11, Ms. Luong Mai Anh, Deputy Director of the Department of Health Environment Management – Head of the Department of Health’s support team for epidemic prevention and control in Dong Thap, said the current difficulties Dong Thap is a fast-moving and complicated epidemic, the number of cases is increasing with many cases in the community, the source of infection is unknown.

“Dong Thap enterprises need to regularly test quickly and screen 20% of employees to avoid being passive like in Phat Tien. In addition, it is necessary to screen people in hostels,” Ms. Mai Anh said.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in Dong Thap as of the morning of July 12 has increased to 618 cases, the total number of deaths is 17, all of which are patients with serious underlying diseases. Dong Thap detected the first Covid-19 case in the 4th wave on May 31. When the epidemic settled on June 24, when a new positive case was detected in Sa Dec General Hospital, the number of infections broke out and increased. Dong Thap is applying social isolation according to Directive 16 in 5 districts and towns, and the remaining 7 districts are applying under Directive 15.

Phuoc Tuan – Ngoc Tai

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