Another 81 people in Hanoi, 25 Hue suspected of Covid-19

Hanoi Department of Health recorded 16 positive cases of nCoV from 12:00 to 18:00 on August 20, bringing the total number of cases of the day to 81. Bac Giang added 7 cases, Bac Ninh 3, Thua Thien Hue 25, Nghe An 34 .

These cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health and are considered as suspected cases.

At Hanoi, 16 cases including 10 people detected in the community and 6 people in the isolation area. In which, 9 people belong to the community fever cluster and related people, 6 people belong to the high-risk area screening cluster and one person is related to the HCMC cluster.

The new cases live in 8 districts, including: Hoai Duc, Thanh Xuan, Hoang Mai, Ba Dinh, Gia Lam, Thuong Tin, Dong Da, and Thanh Tri.

This afternoon, Hanoi recorded 51 positive cases of nCoV, including 23 people detected in the community and 28 people in the isolation area. In which, 18 people were detected through screening in high-risk areas, 33 people belonged to the community fever cluster and related people.

The cases are located in 11 districts, including: Hoang Mai, Hoan Kiem, Thanh Tri, Ha Dong, Thuong Tin, Ba Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Hai Ba Trung, Gia Lam.

Notably, out of 51 cases, 13 cases were recorded at HH4C, Linh Dam, Hoang Liet, and Hoang Mai courts. These people live in high-risk areas, on August 18, they were sampled for a screening test of the area at risk (pooled sample), suspected of being positive. On August 19, the application form was recovered, the result was positive for nCoV.

This morning, Hanoi recorded 14 positive cases of nCoV, including 5 people detected in the community and 9 people in the isolation area, living in Dong Anh, Gia Lam, and Dong Da.

Thus, in 24 hours, from 6 pm on August 19 to 18 pm on August 20, Hanoi recorded 81 positive cases of nCoV. From April 29 to now, the city has recorded 2,490 positive cases of nCoV, of which 1,277 community cases, 1,213 people who have been isolated.

As of 19:00 on August 19, the city has taken 421,108 test samples for high-risk groups, people living in blockade areas, and high-risk areas. Currently, 107,259 samples have had negative results, the remaining samples are waiting for test results. Specifically, the blockade area took 21,776 samples, currently 8,469 samples are negative; high-risk areas took 184,412 samples, 54,761 samples were negative; the risk group took 214,920 samples, 44,029 samples were negative.

Checkpoint in Hanoi Old Quarter. Photo: Giang Huy

Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control Bac Giang recorded 7 F0 in the community in Luc Ngan district and Bac Giang city. The cumulative total of F0 to date is 5,786 cases.

The province has focused on taking samples for testing at F0 cases, businesses and community screening. Total sample taken during the day is 13,964; From April 27 to 15:00 on August 19, more than 2.5 million samples were tested. Continue to screen people with epidemiological factors associated with newly emerging F0 cases; strictly control citizens traveling from epidemic-affected provinces and cities to/from their localities.

The province temporarily suspends the operation of religious and belief establishments, amusement and entertainment areas, indoor and outdoor fitness activities and domestic tourism. Not to gather more than 10 people or more outside the office, school or hospital; required to keep a minimum distance of 2m between people in public places.

Bac Giang has injected 373,804 doses of vaccine (reaching 20.3% of the province’s population), of which 146,396 doses were given to industrial park workers; people over 65 years old 3,996 doses…

Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control Bac Ninh recorded three new positive cases in Luong Tai, all related to Viettel Post store employees. Thus, as of the morning of August 20, Bac Ninh recorded a total of 63 cases related to this epidemic cluster. The province reviewed 9,941 cases of F1, 55,223 F2; Luong Tai alone can trace 1,071 F1 and 3,605 F2.

The total number of outbreaks across the province is 187 with 23 active clusters. During the day, a new outbreak arose in Dia village, Binh Duong, Gia Binh, related to DHA Company Limited belonging to Apple Doi Industrial Cluster, Thua town. 4F1, 15 F2 have now been traced.

Bac Ninh has three very high-risk localities including Thua town, Trung Kenh commune and Tan Lang commune. Seven high-risk communes including An Thinh, Binh Dinh, Lam Thao, Phu Hoa, Phu Luong, My Huong and Trung Chinh are all in Luong Tai district. The province urgently activated anti-epidemic measures with the goal of zoning, stamping out the epidemic and speeding up the work of taking samples for large-scale testing in the area.

Bac Ninh is treating 66 patients at the Provincial General Hospital, of which three are severe; 1,678 patients have been discharged. The whole province has injected 360,899 Covid-19 vaccines for 302,326 people, of which the first dose is 243,753 people, the second dose is 58,537 people.

It is expected that in the coming days, the number of cases will continue to increase. Bac Ninh raised the epidemic warning level to the highest level. The Center for Disease Control of Bac Ninh province today continues to recommend people going to/to/to/from/from an epidemic area to contact their local health care provider or call the hotline in Bac Ninh province at 0965 164 919 for assistance. support. Specifically:

– Bus (37A-020.76) route Nghe An – Hai Duong – Bac Ninh of San Hien bus company departs from Nghe An around 19:30 on August 17 to Bac Ninh around 5:00 on August 18.

– Dai Diem barber shop, Chua village (the temple gate road), Giang Lieu, Phuong Lieu from 10am to 16h30 on August 18.

CDC Thua Thien Hue detected 25 new infections, including one in the community, bringing the total number of cases from April 28 to now to 376.

25 new infections including 24 in concentrated isolation areas and one in the community after completing 14-day concentrated isolation and returning home.

Community infection is a 21-year-old male in Thuong Long commune, Nam Dong district. According to the epidemiological investigation, on July 28, this person rode a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue, isolated at T5 frame, Phu Bai ward, Huong Thuy town. medical cups at home. On August 17, he had difficulty breathing, had a cough and fever, and tested positive for Covid-19.

The Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Thua Thien Hue has requested to tighten the management of people who have completed concentrated isolation to return to their localities. Every 7 days, Covid-19 screening test samples will be taken for those who complete concentrated isolation in home isolation and task forces in isolation areas.

To date, Thua Thien Hue is isolating more than 15,000 people at medical facilities, concentrated isolation areas and accommodation.

The checkpoint stops vehicles and people in traffic on Ha Huy Tap Street, Vinh City.  Photo: Nguyen Hai

The checkpoint stops vehicles and people in traffic on Ha Huy Tap Street, Vinh City. Photo: Nguyen Hai

From 6pm on August 19 to this morning, Nghe An Center for Disease Control identified 34 cases of Covid-19 infection, including 7 community cases.

Regarding the outbreak of the Vinh wholesale market, from August 14 to now, 107 F0 have been detected in 7 districts and cities. The beam spread in the Vietnamese and Korean schools has so far recorded 9 F0.

Leaders of Nghe An Department of Health said that Vinh City is currently a very high-risk area, because currently 16/25 commune-level administrative units have recorded cases in the community. The source of infection is difficult to control because of the many F0s’ travel routes and exposure factors. In addition, there are many districts at high risk.

From 0:00 on August 20, Nghe An distanced the whole province by 2 levels. In addition to the six localities that have applied Directive 16, eight other localities have jointly implemented Directive 16 from 0:00 on August 20, including Thai Hoa town, Hoang Mai town, Quynh Luu district, Nghia Dan, Anh Son, and Do. Luong, Thanh Chuong, Dien Chau.

The remaining 7 district-level units including Con Cuong, Tan Ky, Quy Chau, Que Phong, Ky Son, Tuong Duong and Quy Hop will apply Directive 15 from 0:00 on August 20.

In Vinh City, for the past three days, dozens of control teams have checked the road permits of road users in order to sanction cases of “going out on the street when it is not necessary”.

From June 13 to now, the province has 734 cases of Covid-19 infection and suspected infection in 20 localities. In which, Vinh City has 160 cases, Quynh Luu district has 135 cases, Yen Thanh has 76 cases, Ky Son 51.

Thuy Quynh – Vo Thanh – Thuy An – Nguyen Hai