“Announcing his latest film is as if he were going to die”: Alain Delon gives up on the next Leconte

While he had expressed the wish six years ago early, the 86-year-old actor will not play in The empty houseaborted project of the director of tanneddue to its “health problems“.

End clap for Alain Delon? the “last movie” he was preparing with the director Patrice Leconte will not see the light of day. baptized The empty house, the idea is at the initiative of the 86-year-old actor. The latter mentioned it for the first time during an interview in December 2016. The two men were invited to the set of 8:30 p.m. on Sunday for the publication of The Delon Encyclopedia, a book where the filmmaker reviews the career of the actor. Asserting that this was “almost” finished, Alain Delon took the opportunity to reveal, to the surprise of his friend, an ultimate desire: “I still have a dream, it’s to make one last film with Patrice [Leconte].” An unforeseen project whose director of tanned hastened to sketch the outlines.

With Jérôme Tonnerre [aussi scénariste pour Maigret , dernière réalisation de Patrice Leconte, NDLR] we wrote him a tailor-made screenplay, with a story both twilight and luminous“, confided a few weeks ago for Full screen . He would have interpreted a man who meets a young woman whose role I had entrusted to Juliette Binoche. The film was centered on the exchanges between these two characters who would save each other while they were both lost in their respective lives..

Anxious to make his last film

Almost six years after Alain Delon’s declarations, The empty house is at a standstill. Victim of a stroke in June 2019, just a few weeks after receiving the honorary palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival, the Samurai did not officially reappear in public until two years later, during a large portrait televised. “I’ll be active before I die, because I intend to make one last film – and not just any film. And then I can leave. I won’t have anything else to do.” confided the actor for TV5 World.

This feature film will not be that of Patrice Leconte. For Full screen the director who received a Caesarean award in 1996 for Ridiculous plays the honesty card. This project was initially postponed aborted due to the “health problems». The filming was postponed by force of circumstance, so much so that when “he was available again, Juliette Binoche was no longer“. “In truth, I think Alain Delon was perhaps anxious at the idea of ​​​​making his last film”, says the director. A repeated position at the microphone of RFM , February 20:I think that Delon, with all the friendship and admiration that I have for him, the fact of announcing his last film, it is a bit as if he was going to shoot it and die after”.

A state of mind present in the actor since the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo, in September. “I am completely devastated. Now I’m going to try to hold on so I don’t do the same thing in five hours… Mind you, it wouldn’t be bad if we both left together“, he declared, sobs in his voice, on CNews . Far from thinking then, as he often said during his career, that for an actor as for a head of state, there is no retirement age.


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