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Anne Hidalgo’s proposal to double teachers’ salaries is reacting

These are just two short sentences in a 200-page book. But they install Anne Hidalgo, barely an official presidential candidate, in the debate. “I believe it is possible, over the duration of a five-year term, to multiply by at least two the salary of all the people in contact with the pupils ”, suggests the mayor of Paris, in a book to be published Wednesday, September 15 (1). “Or to begin with, to align at least the salary of new professors with the median salary of tenured teachers a bac + 5 “, continues the elected PS.

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Double the salaries of a million teachers and non-teaching staff? “We are at the height of demagoguery”, reacted Monday, September 13 Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer in The Parisian, by putting the cost of such a measure at 150 billion euros over five years.

Cascading effects

“The additional expenditure could climb to 80 billion euros per year, or 3% of GDP, if we take into account the pensions that will have to be paid, in the long term, and the increases in remuneration that will have to be granted to teachers. from the superior, assesses Guillaume Allègre, economist at OFCE. Because if we double the salary of the agrégés, it will also be necessary to double that of the lecturers, paid today suibefore an equivalent grid. “

“It is all civil servants who would demand increases, adds Patrick Hetzel, LR member of the finance committee at the National Assembly. Where to take such a budget? ” The former rector certainly considers a revaluation necessary “At least 20% in five years” to restore the attractiveness of the teaching profession. “But by putting on the table the counterparts that Anne Hidalgo does not mention: service time, reduction of vacations, obligation of continuous training… ”

No precedent abroad

“We must also ask ourselves if there would not be a better use to make of such an amount, for example to hire more teachers to reduce class sizes ”, resumes Guillaume Allègre. “We must not choose between job creation and wage increases”, answers Sophie Vénétitay. For the secretary general of Snes, doping, initially, the only remuneration of new teachers would lead to “Crush the salary grid”, to the detriment of the targeted attractiveness.

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Anne Hidalgo, she assures us that she wants to raise the salaries of French teachers to the level of those of their German colleagues. “They actually earn twice as much at the start and in the middle of their career, before a virtual catch-up occurs., nuance Eric Charbonnier, education expert at the OECD. It is the salary of new teachers – around € 2,000 gross – that deserves to be increased, as the current government is doing. Above all, there should be a faster progression on the first part of the exercise. “

According to this specialist, some countries have made enormous budgetary efforts for their teachers (Estonia has increased the salaries of those working in the most difficult areas by a third). “But none has gone so far as to double the remuneration of all its teachers in a few years. “


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