Anaphylaxis due to self-medication at home

Son LaA 65-year-old woman suffering from sciatica, beckoned herself to buy medicine, then had difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, and needed emergency care.

Doctors at Son La General Hospital on December 21 informed that patients were sold drugs by pharmacy staff, which were divided into packages, mainly pain relievers. After drinking, she had difficulty breathing, dizziness, and was hospitalized in a state of fatigue, red skin, hard pulse, and unmeasured blood pressure. The doctor diagnosed the patient with grade III anaphylaxis due to taking a mixture of drugs, resuscitation and maintenance of adrenaline. Currently, the patient’s health is stable.

Medicines that the patient buys at the store. Photo: Hospital provides

Doctor Bui Nhung Hang – Deputy Emergency Department, said that arbitrarily taking and abusing pain relievers for a long time leads to serious harms such as stomach ulcers, liver damage, impaired kidney function, high blood Blood pressure, organ dysfunction such as osteoporosis… Indiscriminate use of pain relievers also causes side effects such as allergies, hypersensitivity, even dangerous anaphylactic reactions that can be fatal. death.

Many patients do not go to the hospital for examination, but go to the pharmacy to report symptoms to the drug dealer, the combination of drugs is not correct or contraindicated when combined. Some pharmacists use a combination of pain relievers of the same group for patients to use, symptoms can be reduced quickly but the consequences are unpredictable.

Anaphylaxis can occur at any time, extremely dangerous if not treated promptly. Doctors recommend that people do not arbitrarily use drugs without indications, but should go to the hospital for proper and effective treatment.

Thuy Quynh