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Analysis: Trump or Biden! Who will become President and what will be the effect on India-US relations?

India’s eyes are on the movement of America every second. The wait is that if Jo-Biden trumps Trump from the White House, how will his victory affect India. The question arises that if Biden becomes the President of America, will India-US relationship change? And what will be the opinion on China, Pakistan and Kashmir? Of course these are the questions that the Government of India is also looking for answers at this time. Because on this, the way ahead of India-US relations will be decided.

Biden on Pakistan How can be Attitude?

According to Democratic policies, Joe Biden is not as tough on Pakistan. However, before this, when Barack Obama of Democratic was the President of America, he had a very good friendship with PM Modi. But despite being President of the United States for 8 years, Obama did not tighten economic sanctions on Pakistan. But it is also worth noting that on the issue of terrorism, it was the Democrats who entered Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden. In such a situation, it will be seen that if Biden becomes the President of America, then what kind of attitude will he have regarding Pakistan.

Modi Biden not with many government policies

Joe Biden has questioned many policies of the Modi government. Biden has also raised his finger regarding the CAA and NRC. At the same time, Biden’s attitude on the issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan, which is being discussed in international forums, can not be called very encouraging for India. Not only this, Biden has also raised questions about abolishing Article 370. However, on the matter of mediation on Kashmir, PM Modi had also clearly told Trump – this is an internal matter.

Biden’s India policy on business

As far as business is concerned, Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s policy is America First. In such a situation, India seems to be getting less benefit from Biden’s policies. However, Biden has said in his statement to emphasize business to raise the middle class of America and India. At the same time, Biden also opposed Trump’s decision to cancel H-1B visa. Indian IT professionals have suffered due to cancellation of H-1B visa.

Biden with India on China issue

Like Trump, Biden is also opposed to China. Biden, who opposes aggression on the border, has been advocating a strategic settlement of China’s case. In this case, Biden has been giving statements in support of India from time to time. Recently, when Trump called India dirty, Biden took the trumpet. Biden said that, “We value our friendship with India.” America is with India against terrorism. We want to establish peace in the region with India where there is no threat to our neighbors from China or anyone else. “

How will Biden become President for India
It is necessary to mention here that the party from which Biden comes, the same party i.e., former President of Democrat Bill Clinton, was banned in India in 1998. At that time there was an NDA government in India, this ban was imposed because of the decision of the Vajpayee government to take a nuclear test. In such a situation there are ups and downs for Biden as President of India. In many cases, India will benefit from Biden, Biden’s policies will not prove beneficial for India in many cases.

What to say about expert

On the other hand, foreign affairs expert Sanjeev Srivastava says that, “President Trump’s policy has always been America First.” Trump has been more into ensuring the interests of America. He did not have much experience in politics either. He entered politics for the first time and became President. If Biden becomes president, India-US relations may gain momentum. India-US relations are based on shared values, shared challenges. These are the relations of the two largest democratic countries and they also understand Biden “.

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