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Anal Swabs test is now being conducted in China to overcome the corona virus, apart from the nose and throat

China has started the anal swab with strict restrictions in border movement, mass testing and lockdown to overcome the new wave of corona virus. Anal swab, ie swab of the anus, is examined. However, worldwide nasal swabs are still used to check for corona virus infection. However, China is now using this new method.

There is no nationwide policy for using this method in China. But, after more than 1700 cases of corona in the northern region of China, a swab test is being conducted with warning. In this method, the virus is detected by inserting cotton inside the rectum 2 to 3 centimeters.

Many local experts in China have also praised this method and termed it as an accurate method of investigation. Significantly, China, which claimed victory over Corona, is currently badly engulfed by the transition of the second wave. A 9-year-old boy from China was found in China with a severe infection-prone strain of corona. After which the entire people of that area are being tested again.

Experts there say that the anal swab is more difficult than taking swab samples from the throat and nose, but it is being used only to test people in the quarantine area. This will reduce the number of people being found positive in the wrong way.

According to the report, since last year in China, anal swab has been used to investigate corona. This method is mostly being done in areas with corona virus hotspots such as Shanghai. Apart from this, a sample of the throat and nose swab is also being taken, as it is a much easier method than the anal swab.

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