“An unfair decision”: there will be no Italian and Spanish supporters at Wembley for the semi-final of the Euro

Wembley won’t be disguised in blue and red this Tuesday, July 6. 60,000 people will be able to attend the Euro 2021 semi-final between Italy and Spain in London, but only fans who live in the UK and Ireland will have this chance. Due to health restrictions due to the pandemic, the UK only allows supporters who reside within its borders or in Ireland to travel to the English capital.

UEFA and the British authorities have agreed to ensure that the last three matches of the competition run smoothly in the den of London sport, without any exemptions being granted for travel from outside. That is to say that going to a stadium does not represent a compelling reason to avoid the five to ten days of isolation imposed on arrival on British soil, no offense to some.

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It would therefore be necessary for the Italian and Spanish spectators to have completed this quarantine to be able to enter the stadium, something difficult to predict given that the two nations did not qualify for the semi-final until Friday, July 2.

“It’s better to play in front of an audience”

The well-known technician of the Squadra Azzurra Roberto Mancini saddened the decision of the local authorities during a press conference on Monday 5 July. “I find it unfair, sincerely, very unfair, Mancini explained to reporters. I have to say it’s better to play in front of an audience, rather than playing in front of a few people. ” Playing in front of spectators is part of the beauty of football for Mancini and part of the beauty of “Entertainment world in general”.

Only Spanish and Italian citizens residing in the United Kingdom will be able to have the chance to attend this long awaited event. 6,400 tickets have been reserved by UEFA for Azzurri fans who haven’t had the chance to see their national team go this far in international competition since 2012.

The London stadium’s 75% capacity gauge has not been changed by UEFA although criticism has been leveled after a wave of Covid-19 contamination in previous matches in London and St. Petersburg. The Delta variant is however developing very quickly across the Channel, which had raised questions about the holding of the last three matches at Wembley.

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The English players will play their semi-final against Denmark on Wednesday July 7 in the same stadium. A stadium that can accommodate as many as possible supporters of the “Three Lions” while the Danes will be housed in the same boat as the Spanish and Italian fans, which could represent a significant advantage for England.

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