An explosive trailer for Dune, the sci-fi movie starring Timothée Chalamet

Through bombs and ships, the character of Chani, played by Zendaya, is revealed in this new trailer. Release scheduled for September 15.

Golden sand dunes as far as the eye can see, and, just above, two futuristic dragonfly-shaped ships. No doubt, from the first seconds, the viewer is immersed in the universe of Dune, one of the most anticipated films of the year. Announced in 2016, then postponed several times because of the Covid, the feature film is this time scheduled for September 15 in France. A new trailer aired yesterday that reveals more about this fictional world.

Dune is based on the science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, published in 1965. The book was already adapted for the screen for the first time by David Lynch in 1984, but the film was a failure, both critically and commercial. This time, it is the Canadian director Denis Villeneuve who is at the helm, known in particular for Blade Runner 2049. In order to offer a complete adaptation of the work, Dune is intended to be in two parts. A cast of choice populates the imaginary world, with Timothée Chalamet, soon to be featured in The French Dispatch , but also Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Cruise’s colleague in the latest Impossible mission, as well as actress, singer and model Zendaya.

In this first part, Dune tells, in a very distant future, the story of Paul Atréides (Timothée Chalamet), heir to Duke Leto Atréides (Oscar Isaac). Promised to a brilliant fate, he must succeed in saving the future of his family and his people, threatened by cruel enemies. He must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe, Arrakis. Also known as Dune, the planet is the only known place where we find the Spice, a resource with mystical virtues, which is the object of all covetousness.

Almost a year ago, a promising first trailer was released, leaving viewers the joy of discovering the universe of Dune and his characters in futuristic costumes. In the second trailer posted online yesterday, we find the golden and sandy atmosphere, as and when Chani (Zendaya) is revealed a little more. “My planet, Arrakis, is so beautiful when the sun is low. Swirling on the sand, the Spice forms a light mist», Describes with emotion the young woman in the first seconds, the hair in the wind.

But Chani’s radiant face and the magical landscape give way to an ocher mist, strewn with hooded men. “Foreigners ravage our land before our eyesShe continues, as bombs explode with noise. The plan changes, and it is Glossu Rabban (David Bautista), the cruel nephew of Baron Harkonnen, who appears on the screen. “What will happen to our world», Worries Chani again, while the heir Paul wakes up with a start. The young man is thinner and paler than ever in his black suit. “Say, you gained muscleHis mentor Duncan told him. “Ah yes?Paul wonders. “NoDuncan laughs. A touch of humor that gives us hope that despite the rather dark atmosphere, a few jokes could come and brighten it up a bit.

The war is brewing, the armies are agitated and the ships seem more robust than the others. An atmosphere that is also reminiscent of the last parts of the saga Star Wars, in particular some scenes on the desert Jakku. Objects catch fire, the sand makes waves, and Paul feels lost. His mother, Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), tries somehow to reassure him: “you have to face your fears», She assures him. Still more explosions shake the screen. Timothée Chalamet finally seems to emerge from his amazement, and finally decides to take control of a ship. “Father, what if I was not the future of the Atreides house?He asks again, decidedly not very sure of himself.

Yet another blast for the road, and Paul and Chani exchange a stealthy kiss. “It is only together that we will have our chance!», Assures one of the protagonists, while the battle rages on and the men fall like flies. If the famous worms of protective sands of the Spice were absent from the first trailer, none show the tip of their nose in this second trailer either. On the music side, we regret not finding the superb cover of Pink Floyd as in the first video. Only a few notes that one has the impression of having heard hundreds of times in this genre of films punctuate the scenes. The special effects and the sets are breathtaking, we hope, however, that the scenario and the dialogues will be a little more consistent than what these three minutes want to show, in which we especially remember the explosions in shambles.


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