An entry person infected with CoV

On the afternoon of December 6, the Ministry of Health recorded a positive case of nCoV, who entered an isolated entry point in Hanoi.

“Patient 1366”, male, 54 years old, Libyan nationality. On January 19, he entered Noi Bai airport from Qatar on flight QR976. Test result on December 5 at Hanoi Center for Disease Control was positive for nCoV. Currently patients are being treated at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2.

Thus, the total infected cases to 1,366, the number from 1,220. The death toll from Covid-19 was 35, with four deaths after three to four negative tests.

The rest of the patients were in stable health, of which 5 tested negative for nCoV once, 4 were negative for the second time and 2 were negative for the third time.

The total number of people in close contact and entry from the epidemic zone is more than 17,000. In which, isolation concentrated in the hospital nearly 200; more than 15,000 concentrated isolation, remaining at home or accommodation.

Vietnam appears to have community infections in Ho Chi Minh City after 89 days of no community infection. The outbreak is basically under control, no new cases have been recorded for the year. However, the risk of epidemic infiltration is always permanent, especially when increasing the number of flights bringing Vietnamese citizens and water experts. The Ministry of Health recommends that people continue to well implement the “5K Message”, especially wearing a mask and washing their hands with soap and antiseptic solution.

The world records more than 1.5 million people dying from COV in nearly 67 million infected people. The US is the country most severely affected by the epidemic, followed by India and Brazil.

Le Nga