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The Gavi Vaccine Alliance announced it would provide an additional 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to low-income countries by 2021.

Vaccine availability will be guaranteed by Gavi, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Indian Serum Institute (SII), the world’s largest producer. In a statement on September 29, Gavi stated: “This brings the total number of vaccines used by SII, Gavi and the Gates Foundation to 200 million doses.” The announcement reaffirms its commitment to “guaranteeing additional vaccines, expected to be many times larger than the 200 million figure”.

Under the agreement, SII will receive upfront investment to expand production capacity for “candidates” being developed by pharmaceutical firms AstraZeneca and Novovax. The aim is to start rolling out millions of doses as soon as the vaccine is approved by the regulator and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Products distributed by Covax project. The Foundation will ensure equal access rights for countries, “as early as the first half of 2021”.

Vaccine of the pharmaceutical company Novavax is produced in Spain. Image: EPA

Gavi director Seth Berkley said: “No country, rich or poor, should be ranked behind in the race to the Covid-19 vaccine. pepper”.

Mid-September, WHO shared the global vaccine distribution plan, consisting of two phases, is calculated closely. In the first phase, the agency will distribute proportions. A country receives vaccines for a portion of its population, starting with 3%, then going up to 20%. If the supply is limited after reaching the 20% threshold, the method of allocation will be adjusted. In phase 2, COVAX looks at the level of risk for each country, sending more doses to locations with the highest risk of outbreaks.

Covax aims to provide 2 billion safe and effective doses of vaccine to a total of 92 low- and middle-income countries by the end of next year. But over the past few months, the organization has struggled to raise funds. Last week, WHO announced that more than 60 developed countries had joined the project, but the three countries that led the vaccine race were missing: Russia, China and the US.

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