Amundi sets up a business line dedicated to economic research

Posted 15 Feb. 2022 at 17:33Updated Feb 15. 2022 at 17:35

Being the leading European asset manager by the size of its assets and being one of the ten global giants in the sector is no longer enough for Amundi. The listed subsidiary of Crédit Agricole also wants to ensure a certain intellectual influence. It has just announced the creation of the “Amundi Institute” to improve its clients’ “understanding of the environment and the development of investment practices”. This will be a new “business line”, among the some forty existing ones, dedicated to a country or a business, such as Amundi Technologies or Amundi Alternatives for example.

“Inflation, environmental issues, geopolitical tensions… There are many structural regime changes underway. All investors are waiting for more dialogue and advice to build more robust portfolios,” says Pascal Blanqué, chairman of the Amundi Institute and member of the Amundi management committee. Once again, the French management company, which passed the bar of 2,000 billion euros in assets in December, is modeled on the American giant BlackRock. A year ago, it launched Amundi Technology, taking inspiration for its Alto software package from the recipe that made Aladdin so successful.

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