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“Among Us”, “Minecraft” … Six video games to keep the link

♦ Horrific


PC, Kinetic Games, € 11.59.

Not recommended for under 16s

Fully cooperative game – you have to help each other to win -, Phasmophobia puts you in the shoes of a team of four ghost hunters, sent in the middle of the night to prove the presence of a specter in haunted buildings. For this, you have many instruments, which allow you to detect paranormal phenomena. Be careful, however, the ghost will attack players regularly.

The very clever use of the microphone reinforces the oppressive atmosphere of the title: when you speak, your voice can only be heard by players who are close enough … and by the ghost himself, who can react to his name, even answer some questions. And if you are not afraid and are equipped, the game is compatible with virtual reality headsets, for even more immersion… and thrills.

♦ Delusional

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

PC, PS4, Mediatonic / Devolver Digital, € 19.99

Imagine a mix between the frenzied obstacle courses of the TV show “Ninja Warrior” and the silly costume games of “Intervilles”, all in a neon-colored world populated by cute and clumsy little characters. On the principle of Battle Royale – this style of play that makes a large number of players compete until there is only one left -, Fall Guys allows up to 60 players from all over the world to compete in a series of challenges (obstacle courses, but also mini-games in teams or individually). There is only one imperative: not to end up among the last, otherwise you will be eliminated.

Very easy to learn but difficult to master (collisions between players or with the scenery are quite unpredictable …), victory in Fall Guys is all the more appreciable as it is rare. But you don’t have to win to have fun!

♦ Cooperative

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

PC, PS4, Steel Crate Games, € 14.99

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, two players are tasked, together, to defuse a bomb. But each has a different role: while one handles the bomb directly, the other has a “manual” of about twenty pages (in PDF or printed version), detailing the different mechanisms of the machine. and how to disable them.

It is therefore in the communication between the two players that we find salvation. It is up to the “deminer” to describe precisely the mechanisms he faces, to the “reader” to clearly explain the operation and the resolution of each of them. But the information he has is not always presented in the simplest way… No time for arguments or misunderstanding, the bomb threatens to explode at any moment. Few games value dialogue and cooperation so much!

♦ Infinite


PC, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mojang Studios, between € 6.99 and € 25, depending on the media

Released in 2011, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, with nearly 200 million copies sold. In this real sandbox, almost anything is possible. Its world made of voxels, large 3D cubes that you can destroy, collect and put down wherever you want, allows you to indulge in exploration and survival (the emblematic creepers, species of explosive cacti, are very dangerous!) than to artistic creation or the invention of mini-games within the game.

All types of players can thus find themselves within the experience Minecraft, combining their efforts to build an ideal city, with a true elected mayor and citizens, or even competing to conquer territories or resources. With a watchword: freedom.

♦ Gastronomic

Overcooked! 2

PC, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Ghost Town Games / Team17, € 24.99

Cute little chefs who are busy in fanciful kitchens, customers more and more in a hurry and demanding to satisfy, dishes that burn, jostling in shambles … and at the end, as many nervous breakdowns as giggles. Overcooked! 2 is a perfect game to play with your family (up to four players), on the same couch or online.

If the beginning gives you time to get used to the very simple controls of the game, you will quickly have to get organized, show skill, observation, manage your time well to achieve the best possible scores. Especially since each level introduces new difficulties to overcome: conveyor belt, kitchen divided by a chasm or located on several moving rafts, beasts stealing ingredients… There it is, the nightmare in the kitchen!

♦ Space

Among us

PC, Mobile, Innersloth, € 3.99

It is the surprise of the (first) confinement. Among us, released silently more than two years ago, has since become one of the most played games online, driven in particular by its success on Twitch, the streaming platform dedicated to video games.

In a spaceship, between four and ten crew members must complete a series of tasks (very simple mini-games). But among them are hiding impostors, who seek to eliminate one by one the rest of the crew without being detected. When a body is discovered, a meeting by interposed microphones starts, with an agenda: exclude one of the players, hoping that it is one of the impostors.

These moments of debate are furiously reminiscent of the board game Werewolves : everyone tries to defend themselves so as not to be eliminated, and lies, circumstantial alliances and twisted blows quickly become the norm. Betrayals assured!


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