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Amidst the attack on Ukraine, the tennis player of Russia wrote this special message on the camera lens, the video went viral

Russian Tennis Player: Ukraine, which is facing a strong attack from Russia, is pleading for help from all over the world, but so far Ukraine has not been able to get direct help from any major country. The Russian army is continuously entering Ukraine and taking over the cities. Meanwhile, such a picture has come to the fore, which has proved the truth that no one likes war, whether it is a strong country or a weak country.

Video went viral on social media
A Russian tennis player came to the camera after the match and wrote on its lens with a pen about the Ukraine-Russian war – No War Please … that is, the tennis player gave the message to the world that war is necessary. No and it should be closed. The name of this tennis player is Andrey Rublev. This video of him is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are praising this tennis player a lot and have started calling it their new role model.

People of Ukraine upset by Russia’s attack
Let us tell you that despite warnings from all countries and the UN, Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine. Ukraine has been badly affected by these attacks. Because it is not possible for the Ukrainian army to last long in front of a military power like Russia. In such a situation, soon Russia can capture most of the cities of Ukraine. However, negotiations are now being held for an agreement. But hundreds of people have lost their lives due to this attack of Russia. Thousands of people are fleeing leaving their homes.

Amidst all this tense atmosphere, this message of peace from a Russian tennis player is very special. Because the country of this tennis player is strong in this war, even in such a situation, this player is showing a mirror to the government of his country by talking about stopping the war. At present, in the atmosphere of this war, this tennis player has taken this initiative on his behalf, which people are also praising fiercely.

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