Amid the chaos of Bosnia, the bursts of Aida’s Voice to prevent the inevitable

CRITICAL – In Srebrenica in 1995, an English teacher bridges the gap between opposing forces by serving as an interpreter. A great film by Jasmila Zbanic.

It’s a matter of hours. In July 1995, the Serbian army invaded the town of Srebrenica. Refugees crowd into a UN camp. The place is already crowded. A huge crowd gathered in front of the gates. Aïda, who is an English teacher, was hired by the peacekeepers to act as an interpreter. It is not an easy task. Amidst the chaos, this Bosnian citizen tries to keep her calm. Everyone needs her. Everyone has something to ask for.

His situation is not simple. It is further complicated by the fact that her husband, the principal, and her children are there too. She is agitated to have their names on the list of those who will not climb on the coaches parked outside. In the distance, the tanks roar, roll through the deserted streets. Panic rises in this former gymnasium with no running water. We don’t even talk about the toilets. Armed with his megaphone, a Dutch officer tries to appease the distraught inhabitants.

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