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America’s big statement on Ukraine tension, Russia can attack anytime

US On Ukraine Tensions: Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have deepened. US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. He said that if the war starts then humanity will have to pay a big price. This is the second warning from the senior adviser to the President. Earlier, US officials had confirmed that by the middle of the month, Russia had gathered at least 70 percent of its military equipment according to its intention.

Russia can attack Ukraine anytime – US

According to US officials, its purpose is to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with an option to launch an attack against Ukraine. Sullivan said Ukraine will pay a huge human cost if war breaks out, but based on its preparedness and response, we believe that Russia will also pay a strategic price. He did not directly mention reports that the White House has informed lawmakers that Russia may launch an attack and an immediate capture of Kiev, which could result in 50,000 casualties.

Is a diplomatic solution still possible on Ukraine?

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan further said that a diplomatic solution is still possible. The administration has warned in recent days that Russia intends to rapidly invade Ukraine’s territory. Joe Biden administration officials said last week that intelligence reports suggested the Kremlin worked on an elaborate conspiracy to fabricate a story about an attack by Ukrainian security forces, so that Russia would be forced to take military action against its neighbour. To find an excuse to do so.

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