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American President wanted to wear Superman shirt while leaving the hospital, why should such a plan was made?

The US President has reached the White House by defeating the Corona virus to Corona. They have also started participating in the election campaign. Meanwhile, it is said that Donald Trump wanted to surprise people while leaving the hospital. According to the report, he expressed his desire to wear the Superman shirt.

Donald Trump wanted to see Superman

The White House has not yet made public the results of Trump’s latest Corona virus test. But Trump is leaving no stone unturned to show himself completely healthy after treatment with Kovid-19. On Saturday afternoon, Trump briefly came to the White House amidst hundreds of supporters. On 2 October, he announced to be found Corona positive.

The next night he was taken to Walter Reed Military Hospital. During his treatment in the hospital, he made several phone calls. Where he thought of physically appearing weak. According to the news, he intended to wear a Superman shirt while being discharged from the hospital.

Uncertainty related to President’s health increased

Uncertainty has increased after the briefing of the health related to Trump from the White House doctor Sean Connally. He described a different timeline of Donald Trump’s transition. He initially claimed that Trump’s health was improving after 72 hours of treatment. This means that Trump may have been hit by the Corona virus on 30 September. Later, while clarifying his statement, he said, “I incorrectly told the timeline”.

At that time, Conley appeared to be avoiding many questions related to the treatment of Trump. Especially when he was asked if Trump also needed oxygen support. On Monday, the President came out of the hospital. He is scheduled to participate in many election campaigns and rallies. During this time, Donald Trump also appeared while underestimating the corona virus. In the video message, he advised people not to be afraid of corona virus.

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