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American health expert claims – Omicron cases will be on peak in India by next month

Corona Omicron Variant: In India, the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing at a fast pace, meanwhile a health expert from America has claimed that by next month, the cases of Omicron infection in India will be at the peak. An American expert estimated that up to 5 lakh cases of corona infection could be reported daily in India.

Dr Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and President of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington, said that many countries around the world are deeply affected by the Omicron wave. This time more cases are coming due to infection of Omicron variant than the number of cases that came during the boom in Delta variant in India. However, he also said that this time the severity of the Omicron variant in the country will be less than that of the Delta variant.

“Omicron cases will peak in India next month”

Health expert Dr Christopher Murray at the University of Washington said that by next month, about 5 lakh cases of Omicron infection can be reported daily in India. We currently have the model which we will release later. As many experts in India believe that the country has hybrid immunity, due to which the Omicron variant will be less effective. Dr Christopher Murray said that the vaccination dose provides considerable protection against hospitalization and death for serious illness. This is the reason why we think that there will be many cases of Omicron in India but there will be far fewer hospitalizations and deaths than in the Delta wave.

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Less risk from Omicron than Delta

American health expert Dr Christopher Murray further said that we expect that 85.2 percent of the cases of infection will have no symptoms. The thing about mutations is that they are random so the higher the transmission, the more likely the mutation will occur. Let us tell you that more than one lakh cases are being reported daily in India. So far, a total of 4,83,178 people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus in the country. Meanwhile, vaccination is also going on rapidly in the country.

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