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American frogs and snakes stung the world’s billions of dollars

World Economy Affected By American Frog And Snake: You probably cannot even imagine that small creatures have the power to shake up the world’s economy. According to a study published on Thursday 28 July, the American Bullfrog and Brown Tree Snake, which come in the attacking species, have cost the world billions of rupees. Between 1986 and 2020, the world lost an estimated $ 16 billion due to them. In this, the global population has suffered from crop loss to lack of electricity.

Europe is the most troubled
Scientists assessing the economic damage caused by invasive pests around the world found that the American bullfrog and the brown tree snake are two species responsible for more damage than any other species. According to research published in Scientific Reports, the brown and green colored frogs are known as Lithobates Catesbeianus. Their weight can be more than 2 pounds. Its greatest effect has been seen in Europe.

Incredible Brown Tree Snacks On Pacific Islands
The lead researcher of the study on these snakes is Ismael Soto, a PhD student at the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Researcher Ismael Soto said that the brown tree snake is also called Boiga Irregularis. These snakes have multiplied uncontrollably on the Pacific Islands, including Guam and the Mariana Islands.

Snake specializes in power failure
The Brown Tree Snake was brought here by mistake by American Marines during World War II. He told that sometimes the population of these snakes increases so much that they crawl on electrical appliances and even switch off the electricity. The current population of snakes here causes massive power cuts. Because they slip on electrical wires and cause costly damage. The Pacific island has a population of over two million brown tree snakes. These brown tree snakes also affect the ecosystem of this island. Because of these, there is a great danger of extinction of native animals and fauna.

The hobby of raising a unique snake has increased the population
Nowadays the hobby of domesticating such species has played an important role in increasing their population globally. Everyone wants to have an exotic and unique breed of snake. Researcher Soto says that investment is needed to control the global transport of these invasive species. “We propose to continually update the blacklist of species prohibited for trade,” Soto told Reuters.

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