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America: Trump will lose privileges on January 20 as Joe Biden assumes office

San Francisco: On January 20 of next year, when US elected President Joe Biden assumes office, Donald Trump will lose his privilege on Twitter. His tweet will be treated like any other user.

Twitter gives privileges to world leaders and some other officials. If his tweets that break the rules of Twitter are connected to the public interest, he is left out. According to The Verge’s report, with Biden winning the White House on Saturday, Twitter said, “Now the rules for Trump’s account will be the same as other users. Including violence and voting or the coronavirus epidemic Incorrect information will be banned. “

Twitter warns Trump out of 37 tweets and retweets since November 3

A company spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Twitter’s approach to world leaders, candidates and public officials is based on the principle that people should see what their leaders are saying with clear context. This means that We can put warnings and labels and limit people’s access to certain tweets. This policy framework applies to current world leaders and office candidates, not ordinary citizens when they have lost these posts. “

This change will apply to Trump’s personal account. Let me tell you that after the counting of votes started from November 3, Trump tweeted or retweeted about 37 times and Twitter gave a warning in 13. Which suggests that some or all of the material mentioned about Trump’s election is disputed and possibly misleading.

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