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America: Trump told the public – ‘I will provide optimism and opportunity, Biden will bring pessimism and poverty’

Washington: On October 22, US President Donald Trump told the Americans on Wednesday that he would provide optimism and opportunity, while his Democratic rival Joe Biden would “bring pessimism, poverty and collapse.”

Now less than 15 days of the presidential election are left. Voting is scheduled on November 3. Trump described the election as “Biden’s 47 years of work vs. his 47 months of work as US president”.

The next year will be the biggest economic year in the history of our country- Trump

He said, “For the last 47 years, Biden has been sending your jobs out, opening your borders.” Trump told thousands of his supporters in the city of Gastonia in North Carolina, “I am optimistic, opportunity and Give hope Biden will bring pessimism, poverty and collapse. “He said,” Normal life will resume completely and the next year will be the biggest economic year in the history of our country. This is where we are headed. This election is a choice between Trump’s super recovery or Biden’s deep depression.

Biden will delay therapy, postpone vaccine work – Trump

Significantly, the opposition is blaming Trump for not managing the epidemic properly. He said, “This election is between Trump’s boom or Biden’s lockdown. He wants to shut you down. “He said,” Biden will delay therapy, avoid vaccine work, promote epidemics, close your schools and shut down our country, and he will do it all. “

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