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America to buy additional 500 million Pfizer vaccine to donate to poor countries

Corona Vaccination: The production of the vaccine, considered the most effective weapon against the corona epidemic, is being increased worldwide. Along with this, rapid vaccination of people is being done, so that this dangerous Kovid-19 epidemic can be ended. Here, to further speed up the pace of vaccination in middle-income and poor countries, 500 million additional Pfizer vaccines will be procured by the US.

According to the news agency ANI, previewing the global summit to end COVID-19, a senior US administration official said that yesterday President Joe Biden on behalf of Pfizer for poor and middle-income countries around the world. An announcement will be made to buy 50 crore vaccines.

He said that this vaccine will be prepared by American workers in the United States itself and in January they will also start shipping it. He further said that this means that from January to September next year, we will supply 800 million corona vaccines to the world.

A senior US administration official further said that with this new commitment, we will donate 110 crore corona vaccines to the world. He said that on behalf of America, I repeat that America is going to donate 110 crore vaccine doses to the world without any charge.

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