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America: The top leader of the Republican Party said – ‘Transfer of power will be in a disciplined and timely manner’

Washington: The top Republican leader and Senator Mitch McConnell in the US has said that the transfer of power from Donald Trump to the Biden administration will be in a “disciplined” manner and at the “right time”. Last week, the mainstream media declared Joe Biden the winner in the presidential election, but Trump, who refused to accept it, claimed his victory.

McClain, the leader of the majority in the Senate, said that the next administration would transfer power in a peaceful manner. When asked in this regard, he told reporters in Capitol Hill, “We are going to transfer power from this administration to the next administration in a disciplined manner.” He said, “Whatever we say about this clearly Everything is irrelevant. All this will happen at the right time and we will administer the oath to the new administration on January 20. “He said that in all presidential elections, the country goes through this process and there is a way to deal with disputes and call it a court.”

He said, “All disputes are being watched by the courts of various states.” Significantly, many Republican Party MPs have, directly or indirectly, accepted that Biden has won. According to a report by the Wall Street General, during a vote in the Senate on Tuesday evening, several Republican senators also congratulated newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris.

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