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America: The person who came to the restaurant to drink beer gave $ 3,000 as a tip, know why

Due to Corona epidemic, where millions of people have been infected all over the world, many people have also died. In such a strange case has come to light in America. In view of the growing Corona infection in the country, a restaurant owner decided to keep the restaurant closed. Pleased with this decision, a man who came to drink beer in the restaurant gave him a tip of $ 3,000, which is about Rs 2,22,540. Since then, this matter has become a matter of discussion among the people.

Was happy with the news of the restaurant’s closure

This incident happened on Sunday when the man came to drink beer in a restaurant called Night Town. When the person heard that the restaurant would be closed in view of the spreading infection of Corona virus, he was very happy. He ordered beer and sat down to drink. On the go, the person left a tip of $ 3,000 for that beer. The owner of the restaurant, Brendan Ring, told via Facebook that the person also paid the first beer at $ 7.

The restaurant owner expressed his gratitude to the person

According to the restaurant owner, when the person came to know that the restaurant was going to be closed for a long time, he gave $ 3,000 as a tip. However, he also pursued the man to return the tip. The person said that he should distribute this tip among the four employees of the restaurant. He also prayed to open the restaurant soon. The owner of the restaurant said that he and his restaurant employee are grateful to the person who thought this for them.

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