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America: revealed Nikki Haley, said- Trump wanted to talk about making me foreign minister

Philadelphia: Popular Republican leader of Indian-American origin Nikki Haley has revealed that Donald Trump wanted to talk to make him foreign minister after winning the presidential election in 2016.

At an event organized by Indian Voices for Trump in Norristown, Pennsylvania, 48-year-old Haley said, “I was the governor of South Carolina at the time, I was serving the state I grew up in,” It happened and then after the election in 2016, I received a phone call.

He is not suitable for this position but Trump is willing to help him.

He told that this phone call was made by Rains Prebus. He was then chairman of the Republican National Committee and later became Trump’s first White House chief of staff. “He told me that the elected president wants to meet you,” he told Dr. Marilyn Carson, co-chair of ‘Indian Voices for Trump’. I asked – well, what time? He said that he wants to talk to you about the Foreign Minister. I said on this that I cannot become a foreign minister, I am a governor. And he said that he wants to talk to you.

Haley then went to New York to meet Trump. About this meeting, Haley told that she told the elected president that she would not be suitable for this post but she is willing to help him. A few days later, he again received a call from Prebus and in that he told Haley that Trump would call him later on the offer of the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Trump accepted all their conditions

Haley said that he put three conditions for accepting this post. She had said in her terms that the post should be of cabinet level, the ambassador should be a member of the National Security Council and she would not be a yes-yes woman. On this, Trump accepted all their conditions. On America’s relations with India, he said that President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have met each other very closely and that America’s relationship with India had never been so strong before Trump’s administration. At the same time, he said that China is the biggest threat to American national security.

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