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America responded to Imran Khan’s allegations, said this about Pakistan

The chair of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is staggering, if he is unable to prove his majority, then he can be removed from the post soon. Meanwhile, Imran Khan made an address to the country, in which he clarified on his behalf and alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched against him. During this, while pointing to America, he said that the letter threatening America was against me and there was a mention of no-confidence motion in it.

America replied to Imran
Now the answer has been given by the US regarding this allegation of Imran Khan. On behalf of the American spokesperson, it has been said that there is no truth in any of these allegations. We respect the constitutional system and governance of Pakistan. We are closely monitoring the developments in Pakistan.

What did Imran Khan say?
Taking the name of America in the middle of his address, Imran Khan claimed that a threatening letter had come from America. That letter was against me. He said that there was talk of no-confidence motion in the letter. It was said in the letter that if Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister, then our relations with your country will get spoiled. It was said in the letter that if Imran Khan leaves, he will forgive Pakistan. He said that a conspiracy was hatched against me.

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