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America: Melania Trump is angry due to this, wants to leave White House and shift home

His wife, Melania Trump, also wants to leave him after Donald Trump suffered a crushing defeat in the US presidential election. Melania now wants to leave the White House and shift to her Florida home. Trump is no longer supported by his family. Earlier, Trump’s son-in-law Gerard Kushner also left him. Let us know that Trump may have lost the presidential election but he is still not ready to give up. At the same time, people believe that they have lost due to Trump’s bad behavior.

Earlier, there was news that as soon as Trump was removed from his presidency, Melania was preparing to divorce him. However, no official statement has been made by Melania on this matter so far. America’s newly elected President Joe Biden will take the oath of office on January 20. In such a situation, Melania wants to leave the White House before that.

Trump is not leaving the White House at the moment

According to reports, Trump is currently not leaving the White House, but now Melania wants to leave the White House. They have made preparations to shift to the house located in the luxurious Palam Beach in Mar-e-Lego. Melania now wants to open her new office there too and wants to start her life afresh. Let me tell you that Melania has been persuading Trump to leave the White House since the month of November.

Mother Melania is concerned about her daughter

For information, let me tell you that Melania and Trump also have a 14-year-old daughter who is currently living with her parents. However, now Melania wants to take him with her and get her admitted to a school in Florida. Trump’s response to this matter has not been revealed yet.

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