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America: Corona outbreak increasing in America, more than 1000 deaths in a day

Coronavirus in America: Once again the numbers of corona in America seem to be increasing. In the last 24 hours, more than 1000 people have lost their lives due to corona virus infection in America. According to reports, every hour 42 deaths have occurred in America due to corona.

Let us tell you that the outbreak of Corona Delta Variant in America seems to be increasing. Significantly, for the first time since the month of March, there have been deaths due to corona on such a large scale in America. According to the news of Reuters, 1017 people died due to corona infection in America on Tuesday.

Let us tell you that due to Corona epidemic in America, more than 6 lakh 30 thousand people have lost their lives so far. America has been number one in the death of corona in the whole world. In view of the increasing cases of corona in the country, once again people have been asked to apply masks again.

According to a Reuters tally, there has been an increase in the number of deaths due to corona in the US in the last one month. At least 769 people have lost their lives due to Kovid-19 every day in the last month. For the last 12 days, more than one lakh cases of corona are being reported in the country every day. In the last one week, more than 26 thousand new cases of corona have been reported in Florida, USA.

Let us tell you that in the whole world including America, the new variant Delta of Corona is causing havoc. The number of infected patients is increasing in many countries around the world. With the increase in cases in America, there is a shortage of beds in hospitals. The Biden government is trying to control Corona, but so far it has not been successful.

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