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America: Biden appointed Vinay Reddy as his speech writer, Gautam Raghavan got this important post

Washington: America’s newly elected President Joe Biden on Tuesday named his long-time ally Indian-American Vinay Reddy as his speech writer. At the same time, another person of the Indian-American community has been named Gautam Raghavan as Deputy Director of the Office of the President.

Raghavan has served in the White House in the past

Raghavan has previously served in the White House. Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris along with Reddy and Raghavan have appointed four other senior personnel for the White House.

Reddy Biden-Harris was also a senior consultant and speechwriter for election campaigning.

Biden said in a statement, “These experienced people are joining forces to carry out policies that will take our country on a path of construction like never before.” Reddy Biden-Harris He was also a senior consultant and speech writer. At the same time, Raghavan has served as the Chief of Staff of Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal.

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