Amazon’s Cinderella disdains her prince to break into fashion with her queer fairy godmother

The latest adaptation of Charles Perrault’s tale stars Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Billie Porter and Pierce Brosnan.

I want you to become my princess», Declares in a burst of romanticism Prince Robert played by the British actor Nicholas Galitzine. “What about my job?“, Responds spontaneously Cinderella interpreted by the American singer Camila Cabello. This new version of Charles Perrault’s tale is resolutely modern. Cinderella does not only aspire to marry the Prince and have many children. No, Cinderella has other dreams. The young woman wants to become an accomplished businesswoman at the head of her own business. Kay Cannon’s musical is due out September 3 on the US version of Amazon Prime Video. No date has yet been announced for a release in France.

In this new “daring” adaptation, Cinderella is an ambitious young woman who dreams of launching her brand of dresses. A dream compromised by his evil stepmother and his two daughters Javotte and Anastasie. The ball organized by the royal family is the perfect opportunity for the future princess to showcase her work. In her quest, Camila Cabello will be helped by her “fabulous fairy godmother“.

The interpreter ofHavana shares the poster with a four-star cast. Pierce Brosnan will take on the features of the king, Broadway star Billie Porter will play the fairy godmother and Idina Menzel will play the princess’ stepmother. The original band Cinderella will be composed of covers written by “some of the most popular artists of all time“.

Enhancement ofempowerment feminine

For the promotion of Cinderella, Amazon fully plays the feminism card and theempowerment feminine. Message that will be declined through various advertisements and partnerships, to the delight of the main actress. “I love this empowerment message. I think more and more women are writing the story of what women can do. We are powerful, fearless, intelligent and we can do anythingCamilla Cabello told The Hollywood Reporter.


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