Amazon boss leaves the “hot seat” at the age of 57, what about the other Internet giants?

Of the top four Internet giants, Bezos is the only founder who remains in charge of the company.

After announcing the results, Amazon also confirmed that the founder and CEO plans to leave the CEO position in the third quarter of this year. Bezos will continue as Executive Chairman, while Andy Jassy, ​​T head of Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division, will become the group’s second CEO.

Since founding Amazon in 1994, Bezos has grown the company from an online bookstore to an all-round e-commerce (e-commerce) giant and has since spearheaded the growth of the cloud computing industry. clouds in the future. With its relentless business expansion and leading edge, Amazon’s share price continues to soar, last year surpassing $ 1 trillion for the first time. Current market value is 1.6 trillion USD and has 1.3 million employees.

In the early stages, Bezos used to hold 8% of the equity of the corporation. As market value soared, the head of Amazon overtook Gates to become the richest man in the world. Despite losing a quarter of his net worth following his divorce last year, thanks to the rise in Amazon’s share price (Amazon’s share price is up more than 60% in 2020), the current personal fortune of Bezos is still over $ 180 billion.

The epidemic severely affected the global economy and boosted retail sales in a cold winter, but provided a huge boost to Amazon’s e-commerce. In its newly released Q4 earnings report, Amazon’s quarterly revenue was $ 125.56 billion, up 42% year-on-year, and net profit at $ 7.2 billion, up 121% year-on-year. same period last year. Cloud business revenue grew 28% in the quarter to $ 12.7 billion.

In fact, when Amazon’s business entered a period of mature growth, in the past two years, Bezos has no longer invested as much effort into Amazon’s daily operations as before.

Of the top four internet giants (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google), Bezos is the only founder still in charge, the newest founder retired and the CEO position. longest. Bezos is 57 years old this year, he founded Amazon at 30 and has run the company for 27 years.

Meanwhile, Jobs founded Apple at the age of 21 with his friend Steve Wozniak. Although he has always dominated Apple products, Jobs never held the CEO position until he returned to Apple after the Next purchase. In 1983, he hired John Sculley, Pepsi’s good salesman, to be CEO with the famous saying: “Want to sell soft drinks forever or want to have a chance to change the world”.

Even after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs did not quit his job and even concealed his condition for nearly a year. In the next eight years, Steve Jobs was forced to take sick leave twice due to surgery and recurrent illness, and he was only able to let COO Tim Cook temporarily take over as CEO. However, he firmly held the position of CEO of Apple and did not officially resign until two months before his death, Steve Jobs died of illness at the age of 56.

If Jobs regrets leaving Apple because of illness, then Bill Gates’ resignation as CEO of Microsoft is purely outside pressure. Bill Gates founded Microsoft at the age of 20 with his friend Paul Allen, when he stepped down as CEO in 2000, he was 45 years old and has run the company for 25 years. Microsoft once faced an antitrust lawsuit from the US Justice Department.

In the ensuing Ballmer era, Microsoft abandoned its aggressive expansion strategy. Although financial reports have consistently hit new highs, business has not had a breakthrough, and at the same time, lost strategic opportunities in two major markets, Internet search and mobile platforms. Google and Apple have become industry giants. In Ballmer’s time, Microsoft’s share price stagnated for more than a decade, and was unable to regain vitality until Satya Nadella took office.

Compared to the founders Apple and Microsoft forced to give up, the two Google co-founders seem particularly Buddhist and the transfer of power comes ahead. The two founders of Google are both classmates at Stanford University. They founded Google at the age of 24, but Page only served as CEO for four years. In 2001, he followed the advice and recruited senior software industry CEO Eric Schmidt to take the position of CEO.

In 2011, Page once again returned to the position of CEO of Google and Schmidt assumed the position of Chairman. But this time Page also only held the CEO position for 4 years. In 2015, he reorganized Google and put Sundar Pichai in charge of Internet search and moved on to the CEO position of parent Alphabet Inc. Four years later, Page reluctantly took over as CEO of the parent company, and Pichai is still his successor.

Interestingly, Microsoft and Google completed the successors in 2014 and 2015, with their successors both Indian immigrants. Pichai had been with Google for 15 years when he took over as CEO of Alphabet, the parent company Google. During the 2006 browser war between Microsoft and Mozilla, Pichai urged Google to develop the Chrome browser, and eventually overtook Microsoft to become the largest web browser in 2012.

Facebook has a market value second only to these four Internet giants ($ 760 billion), the 36-year-old founder Zuckerberg and a huge desire for control. Unless Facebook encounters a major legal crisis and is forced to give up as Gates did, Zuckerberg will never step down as CEO. Even when Zuckerberg stepped down as CEO, the company’s COO Sandberg remained the perfect successor. She has been with Facebook for 13 years and has been considered the true leader behind Zuckerberg.

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