Amazing facts about Elon Musk

Musk thinks his father is a ‘evil’

Elon Musk was born in apartheid South Africa in 1971, the son of Errol, who at the time was part owner of an emerald mine in Zambia. Musk and his father have a tumultuous relationship.

Elon Musk

“He was a terrible person,” Musk told Rolling Stone in 2017. “My father always had a well-thought-out evil plan. You will never know how bad it is. Almost every crime you can think of, he did.”

Of Errol’s numerous misdeeds, the most serious was perhaps his shooting death of three men who broke into his home. Errol said to Daily Mail that he was tried for manslaughter, pleaded for the right to defend himself, and was eventually acquitted.

In addition, in 2018, Errol revealed to Daily Mail that he had children with his own daughter, Jana Bezuidenhout. According to the Daily Beast, Errol married Jana’s mother, Heide, when Jana was 3 years old. Errol and Heide have been married for 18 years, and Jana and Musk consider each other brothers and sisters.

Errol said to Daily Mail, “It happened one night when Jana’s boyfriend threw her out of the house and she slept over at my house. You have to understand, I’ve been single for 20 years and I’m just a man who makes mistakes.”

Complicated marital relationship

Musk married Justine Wilson in 2000, when his online financial services company merged with Confinity and eventually turned into PayPal. Musk and Justine have been married for eight years and have six children together.

A few years after the divorce, Justine wrote an article about her marriage to Musk on Marie Claire, saying that Musk always evaluates and judges her shortcomings.

Justine has repeatedly told Musk: “I’m your wife, not your employee,” and Musk replied: “If you were my employee, I would fire you.”

When their first child, Nevada, died of sudden infant death syndrome, Musk was accused of repeating heartbreaking stories to manipulate Justine’s emotions.

After breaking up with Justine, Musk dated actress Talulah Riley and proposed to her after 10 days together. The special thing is that Riley and Justine were then friends. “During the divorce, his fiancée and I discovered we liked each other,” Justine shared. A friend of Justine commented that their love for each other was like “a French movie”.

Perhaps Justine and Riley’s relationship for each other is an early sign that Riley’s relationship with Musk won’t last. The two married in 2010. Two years later, Musk announced the news of their divorce on Twitter. “It’s been four years full of surprises,” the billionaire wrote. I will love you forever. I will make someone happy in the future.”

The person Riley would help “future happiness” turned out to be Musk himself. They remarried in 2013 and finally divorced in 2016.

Musk gives his son a “unique” name

Elon Musk’s son with indie singer Grimes, born in 2020, is named X Æ A-XII. They named their second daughter, born in 2021: Exa Dark Sideræl. His children with Justine Wilson have slightly more casual names: Griffin, Xavier, Kai, Saxon and Damian.

Musk canceled a customer’s Tesla order because this person wrote a post criticizing him

In 2015, venture capitalist Stewart Alsop wrote a letter on Medium, titled “Dear ElonMusk, you should be ashamed of yourself,” in which he complained about the Tesla Model X launch event. started nearly two hours late, the organizers did not provide enough food for guests and he had to deposit $ 5,000 for the new car.

In response to this complaint, Musk canceled Alsop’s Model X order.

Musk loves being “cameo”

Like many powerful men, Musk loves to see himself on the big screen, especially as a “cameo” – celebrity guests who only appear briefly in a movie. He had two lines in Iron Man 2 and voiced himself in The Simpsons and South Park, as well as a character named “Elon Tusk” on his favorite show, Rick & Morty. Musk also played a version of himself, in an episode of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Musk said he donated $6 billion to end world hunger, but he didn’t

In response to a CNN post that read: “2% of Elon Musk’s wealth could help solve world hunger,” Musk tweeted: “If the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) ) could accurately describe how $6 billion would solve world hunger, I would sell Tesla stock right now and do it.”

WFP director David Beasley then actually outlined how the organization would use the $6.6 billion, but Musk never responded. Less than a year later, Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion instead of ending world hunger.

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