Amateur athletes can let off steam within a radius of 30 km and not more than 10 km

Athletes will be able to “go beyond the limits” legally. The 10-kilometer rule may be waived to join a sports facility and train in a stadium located in its department or in a border department, at 30 kilometers maximum, announced Thursday RMC Sport. The information was confirmed by the Ministry of Sports to AFP on Friday, April 9.

The instructions were given to the prefects to relax the 10 km rule in force since the reconfinement, in particular to allow those who have a sports license to join their club more easily.

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The sports facilities concerned are in particular uncovered sports grounds, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, arenas or racetracks. In order for them to be used despite the restrictions linked to the pandemic, reinforced health protocols must be followed. Jogging in public spaces must remain limited to 10 kilometers.

Decline outdoor sports

Amateur sport can currently continue outdoors, if it is contactless: football training, for example, for both adults and children, continues. However, the curfew at 7 p.m. currently in force throughout France must be observed. Indoor sports activities (martial arts, basketball, handball, etc.) are still prohibited, both for minors and adults.

Clubs and associations are encouraged by the government, especially for minors, to offer variations of their sport outdoors, such as organizing an aikido session in the great outdoors for example.

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Only professional athletes, high level athletes, people in vocational training as well as the supervision necessary for their practice, can practice without restrictions and are authorized to waive the curfew.

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