Almost died from the performance of swallowing broken glass

Can ThoA 28-year-old male, performing a performance of smashing a glass light bulb and swallowing the shards, unfortunately suffered a tear in his stomach and blood flowed profusely.

The patient was brought to Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital in a state of lethargy, pale skin, vomiting blood, rapid pulse 100 times/minute, blood pressure reduced to 50/30 mmHg.

Determining this as an emergency, endoscopic doctors stopped the bleeding of the patient, at the same time giving blood transfusions and intensively resuscitating them, on July 14.

Through endoscopy, the team discovered a 3-cm-long lesion in the center of the stomach that was bleeding profusely due to the insertion of glass fragments. Doctors clamp the bleeding with a clip (a metal instrument inserted into the stomach through an endoscope) and remove the piece of the bulb. The surgery takes about 30 minutes. After surgery, the lesion stopped bleeding completely.

Currently, the patient is being monitored and treated at the Hospital’s Gastroenterology Department.

Doctor Truong Hoang Tam, Department of Active Resuscitation and Poison Control, recommends that circus performers take risks such as swallowing glass, sword, etc. to be very careful to avoid unfortunate accidents. For people, especially children, when watching risky performances, they should not imitate because this is a very dangerous action.



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