Almost died from mosquito poison poisoning

Phu-ThoMale patient, 70 years old, hospitalized in a state of deep coma, convulsions, respiratory failure, tachycardia, and unmeasured blood pressure due to insecticide poisoning.

Doctors of the Emergency Department, Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital, on the afternoon of May 10, said that the patient had severe Deltamethrin poisoning. The doctor prescribed endotracheal intubation, central venous catheters and artline blood pressure monitoring combined with intravenous fluids, vasopressors, anticonvulsants, gastric lavage and dialysis.

After two days of intensive treatment, the patient’s condition gradually stabilized, the convulsions stopped, he was more alert, his pulse and blood pressure stabilized. Currently, the old man is awake and can go home for further treatment.

Doctor Ha The Linh, Department of Emergency, said that the mosquito repellent containing Deltamethrin is a rare type of poisoning, without a specific antidote, and is mainly treated with resuscitation measures. The above patient suffered from very serious poisoning but was given emergency treatment and promptly treated with positive measures, so he recovered quickly and left no sequelae.

Doctors recommend people to be cautious in the use of insecticides in particular and insecticides in general, especially when used in high concentrations that can affect health, even even cause death.

The patient was actively treated at the Emergency Department, Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital. Image: Hospital provides

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