Almost 100 cases of Covid-19 communities in a day

Over the past 24 hours, Vietnam recorded the highest number of cases of community infection a day since the outbreak.

After 55 days of community immunity, the Ministry of Health on the morning of January 28, suddenly announced two cases of Covid-19 in Quang Ninh and Hai Duong. At noon of the same day, the number of recorded cases increased by 82, and in the afternoon, by 14 additional cases. In the evening, the Hanoi and Bac Ninh health authorities announced two more positive cases. In both the spring and summer outbreaks of 2020, there has never been such a high number of community infections per day.

Quang Ninh (13 cases)

The first case of community infection in Quang Ninh was “patient 1553”, male, 31 years old, employee Van Don International Airport, permanent address in Hong Ha ward, Ha Long city. Currently, 851 people related to him have been traced, including 466 F1, 382 F2, 2 F3 people.

Laboratory results subsequently recorded 12 more positive cases. Total number of infections per day recorded was 13.

Quang Ninh immediately activated measures to prevent epidemics at the highest level. 14 Covid-19 service posts were established at the gateway connecting Quang Ninh with Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Lang Son and Bac Giang. Department of Health requires private medical facilities in the areas of Ha Long, Cam Pha, Uong Bi … to stop operating from 12am on January 28 until notice. All students, from preschool to university level in the province, will leave school from January 28 to the end of the week.

Hai Duong (84 cases)

After the female “patient 1552”, a worker from Poyun company, this afternoon’s test results showed that 72 more workers in this company were positive for nCoV. In the afternoon, the number increased by 11. The total number of patients recorded in Hai Duong on January 28 was 84.

Hai Duong has zoned and sampled about 3,000 people. The Ministry of Health decided to set up 3 Covid-19 field hospitals to treat Covid-19 in this province, to dispatch physicians at Bach Mai Hospital, Central Tropical Diseases, experts of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. epidemic stamping area and patient treatment. More than 1,000 students and lecturers of medical and pharmaceutical schools in the province voluntarily participate in the fight against epidemics.

The entire Chi Linh city with more than 220,000 people was blocked, all public activities stopped for 21 days, starting from 12am on January 28.

Hai Phong (1 case)

On the evening of January 28, the Department of Health reported a positive case being treated at Hai Phong Children’s Hospital. This patient, whose mother is a worker at Poyun company, returned to Hai Phong on January 24, then showed signs of fever and went to the hospital for examination. The mother’s test result was negative, and the son tested positive 3 times. This is the first case of Hai Phong in this outbreak.

Hai Phong stops events with 30 or more people, discos, bars, karaoke, massage, sauna are closed; disinfection of entire residential areas, schools, stations, and harbors; stop the transport bus, ferry, ferry to Hai Duong and Quang Ninh.

From 6pm, Hai Phong re-established 8 epidemic control posts at road gateways.

Bac Ninh (1 case)

One positive case was a 31 year old young man from Lam Thao commune, Luong Tai district. This person contacted “patient 1552” by working in the same workshop in Poyun Hai Duong. Currently the Ministry of Health has not recorded this case number.

Bac Ninh Provincial Health Authority has identified 26 F1 cases, 65 F2 cases of infected people, are being monitored and isolated. Lam Thao commune with nearly 6,900 people was blocked. This commune had 23 cases of close contact with male Covid-19 patient.

Hanoi (1 case)

Cau Giay Medical Center confirmed that a young man from Hai Duong, living in Hanoi, positive for nCoV, was taken to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases for treatment. CDC quarantined and tested 50 people in close contact with 4 Covid-19 patients in the Quang Ninh outbreak.

Hanoi will test returnees from epidemic areas such as Hai Duong and Quang Ninh. The medical community warns of a high risk of an outbreak in the capital. The city aims to be able to track all three outbreak-related cases within three days; prepare every situation to ensure absolute safety for the Party Congress.


Department of Health quarantined, tested 7 people in close contact (F1) “patient 1553”, airport staff in Quang Ninh. In which 6 people had negative results once.

The city activates the anti-epidemic mechanism at the highest level; Shutting down an office building due to someone related to a patient in Quang Ninh.

During the day, the Ministry of Health noted 7 cases are on entry quarantine immediately.

Anti-epidemic experts, from the central level, are preparing to enter an epidemiological investigation at Poyun Company, Hai Duong, on January 28.

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