Allen vs. Farrow, the chilling movie about the incest accusations against Woody Allen

CRITICAL – The unpublished American documentary series broadcast on OCS from this Monday collects the overwhelming testimonies of the daughter and the former companion of the director. A terrifying story, but which unfortunately only gives voice to the Farrow clan.

It’s messy. Woody Allen doesn’t see the harm in sleeping with his girlfriend’s adopted daughter. Legally, we can not blame him. Morally, this is another matter. The filmmaker, who likes to quote philosophers, should have remembered Camus and his formula: “A man can’t be done. “

There is something else. In the summer of 1994, Mia Farrow accused Allen, with whom she had been in a relationship for twelve years without living under the same roof, of having abused their daughter Dylan, 7, in their home in Connecticut. The mother even filmed the child’s testimony. The video leaves a feeling of unease. If what we hear is true, it is horrible. If everything is invented, it is even worse.

Allen and Farrow were in the throes of separation. The actress had unmistakably discovered Soon-Yi Polaroids, “more Hustler than Playboy ”. The documentary Allen vs Farrow, the first two parts of which will be broadcast from this Monday on OCS on demand, and the last two on 8 and

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