All Xuan Phuong elementary school students were negative for the 2nd CoV

Hanoi116 isolates at Xuan Phuong Primary School tested negative for the second time.

Khong Minh Tuan, Deputy Director of Center for Disease Control (CDC) Hanoi morning 7/2, said the number of negative tests including all teachers, students and parents are isolated at the school. Hanoi is considering a plan to end centralized isolation for students, and move home isolation when the test results are negative for the third time in a row.

Before that, a student at the school in class 3E tested positive for nCoV on January 30. Xuan Phuong Primary School became an emergency quarantine place for 58 students, 11 teachers, 45 parents and teachers to look after children, students and 3 attendants. On the evening of January 31, all the girls and games in this isolated area were negative for the first time.

Hanoi recorded 23 people infected with Covid-19 since January 29, all associated with an outbreak in Hai Duong. From February 5 to now, the city has not detected any new cases.

Since the epidemic appeared, Vietnam recorded the number of infected cases as 1985, of which 1468 people recovered, 35 people died due to Covid-19.

Test sample of Xuan Phuong primary school students. Image: Giang Huy.



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